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Precision, reliability and and efficiency are the hallmarks of the Solution single-sided edgebander.

Ideal for traditional and contemporary edgebanding strips PVC, wood and even aluminum

Maintains operating efficiency throughout a complete range of machining operations and any production requirement

The modularity of the Solution engineering means you can match the machine capabilities to your precise production requirements

Solution is readily integrated into a production cell environment or fitted with material handling options

V-System Perfect Cut - Cleans up the production edge for perfect edge alignment

Panel Suite - Allows selection of glue type and application thickness or use of Laser Line materials - eliminating glue completely

All machining operations are easily managed at the touchscreen control

Technical Data

Maximum Working Speed

25 m/min (Opt. 30)

Coil Thickness

0.3 - 3 mm

Pre-cut strip thickness

0.4 – 1 mm

Solid wood thickness

25 mm

Standard panel thickness 

10 – 60 mm (Opt. 80)


Panel Length - Min/Max

135 (Opt. 125) – 3200 mm

Panel Width – Min/Max

95 (Opt. 55) – 1200 mm

Pneumatic system

6 MPa

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