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PMI 24


24" Upcut Straight Saw          


Pat Mooney Saw Brochure

PMI24 PMI Brochure PIC


7.5 HP saw motor
Upcut design and saw blade chamber
Precision-ground worktable with special surface coating
Hydraulic clamping system with adjustable clamping pressure to prevent distortion of thin walled aluminum extrusions
Saw blade feed controlled via hydraulic cylinder
Precise micro-drip blade lubrication system
Vertical and horizontal clamps
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               PMI-24 Cut Chart
Saw Blade Size 24” X 1” Bore
Saw Motor 7.5 HP
Saw Blade Speed 2000 RPM
Table Size 45-1/4" x 26" (1150 x 660 MM)
Work Height 29-1/2 inch (750 MM)
Machine Dimensions 49-1/4" x 49-1/4" x 66-7/8"
Machine Weight 1210 lbs
PMI-24 D-Type Cutting Chart