OMGA T 53 370

Single-Blade Industrial Miter Saw


T 53 370

Heavy duty and flexible are the two main features of this Compound Precision Mitre Chop Saw. Positive stops at 45, 30, 22 1/2, 15 and 10 degrees on both sides of the rotation and an independently fine tunable one at 90 degrees. A manual locking device for all the intermediate angles provides a great flexibility to this unit. The unit is also equipped with a 45 degree positive stop for precision beveling. The belt driven transmission and a powerful 4 HP induction motor make the T 53 370 the ideal tool for heavy duty industrial usage. This machine is designed to be fitted with a wide variety of optional accessories to make it perfect for any application. This precision saw is a multi-purpose machine suitable for use in general carpentry, for cutting crown moulding, picture frames, furniture components and any application requiring precision cutting.

Cross cut capacity 90 Deg. 6 3/4"
Cross cut capacity 45 Deg. 4 3/4"
Max. Depth of Cut 4 5/16"
Motor Power HP 4
Max. Beveled Cross Cut 6 3/4"
Saw Bore 1"
Saw Blade Diameter 14"
Arbor Speed RPM 3200
Dust Chute Diameter 3 1/8"
Table Size 25 5/8" X 20 1/8"
Crated Dimensions 28" X 28" X 33"
Shipping Weight Lbs. 255

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