PMI-LJK500 Double Notching Saw

Pat Mooney Saw Brochure
pmiLJK500                                                 PMI Brochure PIC


Equipped with two saw heads that move +/- 45 degrees which allows for various types of notch cuts
The two saw heads can work simultaneously to achieve the processing of special angles at the end of the profile surface
This machine was specifically designed with the aluminum curtain-wall and skylight processing industries in mind
Equipped with digital read out to display the cutting angle and workable height

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Saw Blade Sizes

26" x 1" (vertical)

24" x 1" (horizontal)

Saw Motor 3 HP x 2
Saw Blade Speed 2800 RPM
Saw Head Type +/- 45 degree
Cutting Capacity

6" x 6"

(7-3/4"x 6") optional

Machine Weight
3300 lbs.
pmi-ljk500 cut chart