Hydraulic Clamp Carrier

SRX Hydraulic Clamp Carrier


Doucet Clamp Carriers, model SRX, are the ideal clamping solution for panels, stair components, rails, posts and architectural millwork.

The Clamp Carrier model SRX includes:

  • Rotative frame according to the required configuration
  • Hydraulic power unit
  • Hydraulic tightening tool with joystick control, and built-in torque control valve mounted on a sliding carriage moving across the front rest of the clamp carrier
  • Hydraulic rotation motor and speed reducer with joystick forward/reverse control
  • One valve for tightening torque calibration relative to material thickness and center to center spacing on clamps (as per pressure charts); for a perfect control over tightening pressure regardless of panel thickness
  • Pneumatically actuated front rest and section support
  • Panel flattener installed on a sliding carriage with flattering and release commanded by a manual rocking valve, downward force of the panel flattener up to 750 lbs
  • Light compressed air consumption  - 3 CFM
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