Clamp Rack

NWR Clamp Rack


The NWR Clamp Rack is a versatile Panel Clamp Rack designed to fill the panel assembly needs of the professional woodworker.

The basic model includes a 6 foot rack that can be extended to match your length capacity requirements. The self standing structure can be erected either as a single sided frame placed against a wall, or as a dual sided rack fitted with clamps on its front and back.

Its unique cantilever arrangement with the clamps resting against two offset tubes, one on top and one in the bottom, ensures you to produce flat panels on a level plane. The basic model can be expanded in 6 foot increments, up to 24 feet.

Basic Model (NWR)

  • 8 - 2 1/2" x 40" capacity clamps with "t" handles or butterfly nuts. Choice of rapid change or standard clamps
  • 6 foot self standing rack with 2 floor level horizontal tubes, 2 laser cut vertical beams and 9 transversal tubes
  • The NWR offers 4 gluing levels when configured as a single sided rack and 8 levels as a dual sided rack
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