Omal DW 800

CNC Doweler - Boring | Gluing | Dowel Insertion


Exclusively for large dowels used in entry doors

Single drill, glue and dowel insertion unit, heavy duty clamps, 4 load zones, and high pressure glue injection system

No-drip glue delivery system with electronic precision metering

Dowel vibrator and fiber optic sensor prevent misfeeds

OMAL “SURE SHOT” guarantees a dowel is inserted every time

User-friendly software & Pentium III PC interface with simple-to-run graphics and tool selection

Technical Specifications

  • Working head with 3 stations: Drilling, gluing and dowel insertion
  • Special patented drill with center blow-off for long tool life and perfect chip extraction
  • 3 CNC axis: horizontal X & Y plus vertical Z
  • Work table divided into two zones.
  • The RAIL zone has a left and right reference to guarantee perfect machining
  • Equipped with heavy duty clamps
  • Dowel vibrator with fiber optic check systems guarantees a dowel every time
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