Omal Miter 600 2Rt

Miter Doors Made Simple


Produce mitered mortise and tenon joint for cabinet door stiles and rails.

Two horizontal router motors

Main spindle - 5.5HP

Mortise spindle - 3HP

Two zones for maximum throughput

Optional dual stops for precision dimension control for both stiles and rails in sequence


Manually positioned back fence to control the length of the stile/rail. This option is equipped with a digital readoutand end stop to precisely control length on the second pass.

Average cycle for mortise and tenon is +/- 25 seconds depending on size

Miterboard Software

The user friendly software makes the machine extremely versatile. The machine is equipped with a Windows PC interface used for writing and storing programs.
Some of the main features of the MiterBoard software are:

  • DXF profile import
  • Full control of the dimension and position for the mortise and tenon
  • Multiple hogging operations for wide and complex shapes
  • Feed rate control for every step in the toolpath
  • Graphic representation of profile and toolpaths associated with the current program.
  • The tool path is completely controlled by the operator. Score depth, radius control, exit, entry, number of passes to cut the tenon, all controllable

Omal Miter Brochure

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