Routech Accord 30 FX

Accord 30 FX | Five-Axis CNC Machining Center


Primary Markets:  Windows | Doors | Stairs | Solid Wood Machining


Exceptionally rigid bed construction and gantry configuration assures accuracy, high finish quality repeatability

High Finish Quality

Speed enhanced by patented BRC unit which handles accessory machining on doors and window frames

Easy profiling on large parts

Fast and easy workzone setup and workflow management in either automatic or manual configuration

High performance and energy saving with EcoPowerPack.

Technical data


X-axis working area

  3050 to 6360 mm

Y-axis working area

  1380 to 1905 mm

Component passage

  250 mm

Electro-spindle power

  8.5 to 13 kW

Max tool change

  10 to 78 position tool changer

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