Jet Optima C21

Jet Optima C21 | Versatile Workhorse

5465 jet optima c21

Perfect for a wide variety of millwork and panel processing applications

Newly updated and upgraded with additional standard (S) and optional (O) features

Import and manage many older Busellato programs from CNC90 | Winner90 | Genesis

Technical Specifications

  • 15 HP HSK-63F electrospindle (S)
  • 10+1 postion ride-along tool changer (S)
  • 5+2 auxiliary tool changers (17 total) (O)
  • Laser pod postioning system (S)
  • Remote hand-held control (S)
  • Mobile PC pedestal (S)
  • 12 vert, 6 horiz drills, grooving saw (S)
  • 0°-360° swiveling vacuum cups (S)
  • Automatic pod optimization on-screen (S)
  • Extended length chassis (17’ zone) (O)

Optima C21 Spec Sheet

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