Jet Optima P20

Jet Optima P20 | Additional Production Options


Expanded capacity from the C Series by adding 5' table configurations

XL 4' x 17' | WF 5' x 10' | WFXL 5' x 17'

TL rail and pod system for swift "pick and place" pod positioning - ideal for panel processing

Additional tool capacity with rotary tool changers

Optional Benz QIN-X auto-adjust aggregate and C-Axis positioning can be added to produce our most affordable 5-axis machine

Technical Specifications

  • 18 or 27 spindle boring head with X axis grooving saw
  • 2 work areas for pendulum processing
  • 4 work areas with up to 3 reference zone front to back
  • IMC rail and pod system for the ultimate in flexibility and configuration possibilities
  • 15 hp HSK-F63 electrospindle, 24000 rpm
  • 10 position head-mounted rotary tool changer, 18 or 24 position rear rotary changers available
  • 5 position linear changer and 10 manually-changed positions - manage up to 49 tools
  • Electrospindle and tool changers are "aggregate-ready"
  • Other options: C-axis, laser or digital read-outs for manual pod positioning, clamps for solid wood, chip conveyor, direct-drive horizontal router, secondary vertical router - and more
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