PMI 455 L

12"-24" Aluminum Crosscut Saw - Type LE & LS

Pat Mooney Saw Brochure
pmi455 pic                                                 PMI Brochure PIC


Powerful crosscut saw head design
Saw head moves on precise linear guideways
Type LE - 15 HP motor allows cutting of aluminum extrusions and tubing
Type LS - 20 HP motor allows cutting of solid bars and extruded shapes

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Saw Blade Sizes 12"- 24" (1" bore)
Saw Motor 15 (LE) 20 (LS) HP
Saw Blade Speed 1500 to 3500 RPM
Saw Head Type Cross-cut (horizontal)
Infeed Conveyor 11.5'
Machine Dimensions 138" x 83" x 74"
Machine Weight
5060 lbs.
L type cut chart

Watch the PMI-455L in action

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