SCM-DMC System T3

Calibrating Widebelt Sander


Robust engineering and construction make the System T3 ideal for high-demand production

Main equipment
  • Calibrating/sanding unit with 320 mm diameter roller
  • Superfinishing sanding unit with electronic EPICS pad and chevron belt
  • Oscillating satining roller unit witn 200 mm diameter
  • Vacuum hold-down table for small pieces processing, with electric fan embedded in the machine frame
  • Constant pass-line from the floor, for integration in automated production lines
  • "Hydra V-Pad" electronic control with 10.4" touch-screen


  • The unit has an EPICS electronic pad and a chevron belt. It is ideal for superfinishing painted or veneered panels.
  • The electro-fan positioned under the work top reduces the spaces occupied by the machine and, most importantly, reduces noise emissions.
  • The intuitive software interface and the touch-screen monitor makes using the machine safe and easy, even for the unskilled operator.
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