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TigerRip 1000


TigerRip 1000™ is defect cutting straight line rip saw system. This lean, rip first, modular solution is perfect for your rough mill needs. It can be purchased as an entire turn-key system, or retrofitted to your existing saw.


Rip for Yield

TigerRip 1000, the perfect solution for optimizing your rip yield in a lean production environment. Cut all your lineal footage requirements, including square footage for panel, while watching your yield soar. No more over cutting and wasted materials TigerRip 1000 is perfect for your precision rough mill needs.

TigerRip 1000™ allows you to bring lean manufacturing to the rough mill. Using TigerStop's Dynamic Optimization algorithms, TigerRip 1000 mathematically finds the best use of your material and keeps track of all the material ripped, letting you build-to-order without needing to keep a buffer inventory. Saving you inventory costs, space and wasted labor.




  • Power Requirement

    208/480 VAC @ 30/20 Amps 50/60Hz

  • Drive Type

    3/4 in Hi-Lead screw drive

  • Repeatable Accuracy

    .008 in (.02 mm)

  • Working Length

    12/18 ft (3.6/5.4 m)

  • Motor Type

    DC Servo with optical encoder

  • Warranty

    1 Year Bumper to Bumper


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