Presses & Veneering


If your shop is seeking full production control from end-to-end, you need to produce your own panel stock.  This kind of attention to detail makes certain your customers receive only the best finished products.

JKL Machinery offers a full range of production equipment for panels; presses for veneer, laminate and composites, as well as glue spreaders, thermal heating units and veneer saws.

Below we've provided details on some of our most popular and productive equipment.

Joos Junior Press

Joos HP70 Press

Joos HP150 Press

Joos HP Ökotherm 2000 Press

Joos DLP Throughfeed Presses

Elkom Thermal Heating:  Vacuum Presses | Thermoforming Stations | Preheating Stations

Langzauner Veneer Saws

Osama Glue Spreaders

Black Bros. Glue Spreaders

Black Bros. Membrane Presses

Black Bros. Pod Presses

 You can also visit our partner's website but give us a call or send us a note at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  so we can help you select the ideal sanding solution for your operation.

Joos USA

Black Bros.

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