Joos Junior Press

Custom & Small Batch Production


Ideal for custom shops and small batch production

Produce veneer and laminate panels

Utilizes white glue - eliminating VOCs from the shop environment

Loading and unloading is simple and ergonomically sound via the sliding lower platen

Heavy-duty construction with gold anodized platens

High-output - 8900 watt elements - shorten cycle times

Thermostats guarantee reduced energy consumption and protect the platens from overheating

Total Pressing Surface

49.2" x 98.4"

Specific Pressure (full load)

2 kp / cm2

Type Of Pressure

14 flexible pressure tubes, 2 layers - TUV controlled

Press Opening Height

120mm (4.75 inches)

Closing Time

4 - 10 seconds

Pressing Time

2 - 5 min. (2 sides)


Micro Chronometer


120 mm

Special Electric Platen

1 top, 1 bottom

Hard Gold Anodized Surface

2500 X 1250 X 9mm

Operating Temperature

Up to 120°C

Heater Controls

Thermostat Control (2)


Approx. 5,500 lbs.

Overall Dimensions

2800 mm long (110 in.) x 1450 mm wide (57 in.)


Joos Junior Press Spec Sheet

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