Joos HP 70

Fast Heating & Energy Efficient



  • Hot water heat for consistent and efficient temperature control
  • Lightweight platens for quick, efficient heat distribution
  • Temperature guaranteed not to fluctuate more than one degree C across platens
  • ABS Safety System prevents misloading of the press and eliminates danger to the platen caused by tilting.
  • Uneven pressures will open the press immediately.
  • Edge guidance system keeps platen from moving during the closing cycle
  • Floating bed movement ensures precise placement of sketch face veneer.
  • Close centered I-beam design and precision mounting fixtures guarantee even pressure for a solid surface bond
  • Design also ensures better curing and consequently longer bed life


  • Gold-Anodized Heating Platens - Resistant to scratches and abrasions
  • Dynamic Piston Bearing
  • Multiple Heating Options: Electric / Hot Water / Thermal Oil
  • Electronic Temperature Control Systems

Joos HP70 Press Spec Sheet

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