Joos Ökotherm 2000

Established Industry Standard


Equallly productive for Veneers | Decorative Paper | Laminates 

Gold anodized hot water heating platens for exceptionally surface durability

Principal Benefits

  • No Groove Build-up
  • Reduced Separating Agent Consumption
  • Shorter Operating Cycle
  • No Wear & Tear of Foil
  • Higher Quality Veneering
  • Maximum operator safety
  • Column guide prevents the platen from tilting or being displaced
  • Synchronous operation of the platen by parallel rack guidance system
  • ABS Safety System prevents misloading of the press and eliminates danger to the platen caused by tilting
  • Uneven pressures will open the press immediately.


  • Gold-Anodized Heating Platens - Exceptionally resistent to scratches and abrasions
  • "Joos ABS Safety System" for Platen Protection
  • Dynamic Piston Bearing
  • Clearly Visible, Swiveling Switch Cabinet
  • Multiple Heating Options: Electric / Hot Water / Thermal Oil
  • Electronic Temperature Control Systems
  • Design as One-Daylight Press or Multi-Daylight Press
  • Variable Hoist Limiting

Joos Ökotherm Press Spec Sheet

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