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With more than 20 years experience in developing lean manufacturing systems, JKL has a broad base of customers who are more productive every day.  Contact us for a reference in your area of expertise.

Since 2008, JKL Machinery’s clients have benefitted from our wide selection, industry knowledge and personalized customer service. Below are a few examples of how we’ve helped our clients streamline their machining processes. How can we help you?

JKL Machinery Helps Eyewood Design Adopt Lean Manufacturing Systems

From WoodworkingNetwork.com: "Restructuring its management processes, Eyewood Design (Interlochen, MI) revamped materials workflow, expanded its physical plant by 12,000 square feet, and even overhauled its go-to-market strategy. Eyewood tapped financial and technical resources, relying upon strong key partner suppliers, including Michigan's Northwest Bank; equipment dealer JKL Machinery, Brighton, MI; machinery distributor Delmac Machinery Group, Greensboro, NC; and shop management software supplier TradeSoft Inc., Marietta, GA …Resisting the temptation to diminish quality to lower bid prices to win contracts, 37-employee Eyewood Design instead cut costs by automating and adopting lean manufacturing - modeling after industry giants involved in large-scale wood interiors, projects on which it subcontracts." Read the complete article...

Eyewood Design added a new Busellato Jet Optima CNC router. See it in action: {youtube}rkD02wmgwzs{/youtube}

Young Cabinetry Transforms Manufacturing Process with CNC Nested Based Manufacturing

JKL Machinery and Young Cabinetry partnered in integrating a Busellato CNC Nested Based manufacturing process. Machining characteristics are comprised of dado cutting, line boring, toe notching, and numerous additional machining processes used to create finished, ready-to-assemble cabinet components, all from a single sheet of material. See it in action:

Architectural Millwork Firm installs Anver and Gorbel Vacuum Lifter System

Designed and engineered for lifting and manipulating heavy passage doors, the Anver and Gorbel Vacuum Lifter is capable of lifting up to 350 lbs and can rotate from horizontal to vertical to load a door machine center for processing, then move products to a hardware bench. The system covers an area of 80 feet in length by 15 feet wide. See it in action:

What Our Customers Say About JKL

Richard Dietheim, LeMica, said:
We seek answers and solutions and it's a priority for JKL to get to our project. We had an addition to our building and needed an improved dust collection system. It was a complex project and needed extra work to install. Whatever it took to get the job done... He is hands-on throughout the whole project, even visited the site daily to check everything. There was a real dedication to the completion of the job. Joe has a vast, vast knowledge of the industry!

Chuck Cady, Strata Design, said:
When we have a new need Joe helps us think it through, gives us less costly solutions and saves us money. We were researching ways to save energy. Joe brought us a furnace choice to allow us to burn waste wood efficiently and to be greener. This was in the early 90's before green was not a concern for most companies.

Mark Bolitho, Sterling Millwork, said:
He educated us for over three years on the benefit of a CNC machine in our manufacturing operation. There was never any pressure, just information. It was going to be essential to our business to add this technology. Joe was spot on. Tremendous. Our level of sophistication, fit and finish evolved. We could do more with less people. Previously we had no way to manufacture the intricate and difficult shapes we now can. If Joe did not mention it many years ago we would not have gotten the CNC.  JKL has good ideas backed up with information.  There's a real depth of knowledge about the equipment lines offered.

Bob Bechtel, HLF Furniture, said:
The result of our new press line was so successful that other, larger companies visited to see how it worked. It increased productivity dramatically. This special line was for laminating particle board and MDF panel material. Previously it took many men and many hours. With the addition of a Joos press from Germany, we were able to cut laminating time to minutes. With this new technology, one man could run the press line alone and very efficiently.  Even if you're not buying yet, you can just call.  JKL is really there for its customers, answering questions and helping you get service.

Pak-Rite Ltd.
We needed a dust collection system.  There were sizing issues to plan for, and thanks to JKL, the installation went well and the performance is fantastic.  We like the product lines JKL offers.  They are open and honest and provide good service quickly.

Grabill Windows & Doors
JKL went the extra mile to help.  With insight into our company's needs, JKL connected us with quality used tooling.  We recently had to purchase a frame saw.  JKL arranged a tour of the manufacturer's facilities in North Carolina for us.  JKL really sets you up for success.  JKL helped us out of our door core glue problems with a new glue clamp carrier.  Their used machinery solutions helped us improve our spray booth.  For quality tools and service, it's JKL.

Action Wood Technology
The solutions provided have taken us to the next level, and then some.  We were able to adopt lean manufacturing and be more cost-effective.

Euro Craft Interiors
Joe helped us lay out the flow of our dust collection system and checked up after installation to make sure everything was working well.  He was always there.

Silver Creek Millwork
Joe set us up with reliable machinery that fit our needs well.  Wonderful service after the sale.

Daiek Woodworks
JKL has helped us with machinery problems.  I called and they happened to have a service person right in my area.  Problem solved.

LeBeau Cabinets
Easy to work with.  Joe knows the market well and knew what type of machine would work for us and found a used one.  He's always looking out for his customers.

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