Striebig Compact Plus

Full Size - Compact Price


All Compact features plus a larger working area - 15'1" x 5' 4"
  • More measuring capacity to the left of the main cutting station
  • Easier to rotate the panel with the wider spaced rollers
  • Ability to stage material on the right while working on the left Standard Features
  • Swiss made quality for accuracy and durability!
  • Free standing, one-piece fully welded frame
  • Heavy-duty support rollers with integral panel stop assembly
  • Full-length, split (for staging of material) center shelf with adjustable spacing for fingers
  • Built-in small parts backing support across full length of center shelf
  • Special new measuring flip stop for use with small parts
  • Automatic, mechanically upward-shifting support grid to keep off-cuts from binding grid
  • TRK dust system exceeds European standards. Note: requires an external collector
  • Cutting stations 40 inches on center (1 meter optional)
  • 5-1/4 hp, 220/440* volt, 3 Phase motor with electric brake
  • Noise protection below 80 db (Super Silent)
  • 250 mm (9-7/8") HFG carbide saw blade
  • Template bar including six adjustable stops for setting common rip cuts
  • Repeat rip device with roller bearing & 24" capacity for top-down strip cutting
  • Auto-engaging splitting wedge
  • "Telescoping" handle and tall panel plunge device for ease in cutting tall panels

Striebig Compact Brochure


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