Striebig Control

Programmable Touchscreen Control & Largest Work Zone

 CONTROL front

  • Swiss made quality for accuracy and durability
  • New - Touchscreen color monitor for control of most saw functions and troubleshooting diagnostics
  • New - Ability to upload cutlists via USB memory stick
  • Cuts 5' 6" x 14' 1" (larger frames available)
  • Very stable, all welded steel frame suitable for free-standing or wall-mount installation
  • Convenient, sturdy, mid-shelf allows for comfortable working of small parts
  • Automatic locking of the heavy-duty panel support rollers when cutting cycle is started
  • Automatic, mechanical, upward-shifting support grid with full support for thin or small material
  • Digital measuring is standard with fine adjustment, easy reference setting, push-button changeover from rollers to mid-shelf to strip cutting and selectable display increments
  • New - Laser light to help set-up of horizontal cut position
  • Second measuring channel with three auxiliary stops for repeat cuts
  • TRK dust collection system exceeds European standards. Note: requires external collector
  • Vertical cutting stations 40 inches on center (1 meter optional)
  • Automatic locking of beam at cutting stations; push-button unlocking
  • Control panel displays operating hours and faults (language is selectable)
  • Equipped with 7-1/2 hp, 220/440 volt, 3-phase motor with electric brake
  • 300 mm (11-7/8") HFG carbide saw blade
  • Template bar with six stops for setting typical horizontal cuts
  • Automatic saw travel with variable feed rate 10-30 m/min. (33-98 ft./min.)
  • Selectable sawing cycle (cut and return, or cut and stop)
  • Panel end sensor to save time (instead of having to travel to end of saw

Striebig Control Brochure



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