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  • Automatic, centralised lubrication system
  • Boring head 18MX with integrated saw T
  • Pressure multiplier
  • Electrospindle 6Hp
  • Lateral support for machining of long pieces
  • Sensor for panel setting on opposite side
  • Programmable zero reference stop
  • Device for panel width measurement
  • Programming Software “Wave”
  • Tele Service


Computerized CNC drilling centre with fix working table and movable part for following machining:

  • vertical drilling on panel surface
  • horizontal drilling on all 4 panel sides
  • routings with integrated tool disk in “X” direction
  • general vertical routings


Machine frame and working table

  • Machine frame in welded steel.
  • Electrical panel integrated on machine frame.
  • Phenolic working table with grooves that allow continue drlling.
  • Lateral supports for machining of long pieces
  • Automatic, central lubrication through electronic unit controlled directly by machine control, to always maintain the correct grease level on moving parts.
  • Automatic side pusher with wheels on the whole width
  • Panel width measure unit to measure automatically Y dimension of the panel. The system allows to compare the introduced panel with the programmed one, and stops the machine in case of error. The system also checks possible collisions caused by a wrong programming of the machine.

Beam and operating unit

  • Beam in portal execution of laminated steel.
  • Operating unit for vertical and horizontal drilling, complete of 12
  • vertical spindles, 6 horizontal spindles and integrated saw.
  • Equipment with vertical electrospindle and manual tool change available.

Boring head

  • Working unit for vertical and horizontal drilling with independent spindles, made in light aluminium alloy.
  • Movement in X, Y and Z on prismatic linear guides and preloaded recirculating ball bearings. Transmission by means of preloadedsystem with recirculating ball screws. Positioning of the units and machine events managements by means of digital brushless motors.
  • pressure multiplier, assistance boring device for Z axis.
  • 12 spindles with outlets in a “T” shape, 32 mm pitch (7X – 5Y)
  • 2 double-outlet heads for horizontal drilling orientated in "X" axis, 32mm pitch
  • 1 -outlet heads for horizontal drilling orientated in "Y" axis, 32mm pitch
  • Vertical and horizontal tool attachment ø 10 mm type weldon (max. length boring tool 70 mm)
  • 1 saw unit for 125mm diam. blade in “X” axis.
  • Motor power 2,2 kW
  • Pneumatic stroke ON/OFF of each vertical spindle and blade 60 mm
  • Pneumatic stroke ON/OFF horizontal heads 75 mm.


  • The workpieces is blocked by a clamp, managed directly by numerical control, and positioned sequentially below the operating head according to the machining to be carried out.
  • Sensor for panel setting on opposite side to obtain the X dimension of the panel and compensate automatically lengths errors. This device assures an optimal joint between the panels, even in case of panels out of tolerance.
  • Programmable zero reference stop positioned on boring head. Programming the start position in Y of the boring head, it is possible to position the zero reference stop along Y in order to avoid the impact with pins and radius.

FB0728  Air conditioning system for the electrical cabinet
The system allows the temperature inside the electrical cabinet to be
maintained at a suitable level and guarantees a dust free environment.

FB0934 Electrospindle  6Hp with Quick Tool Change

Electrospindle, positioned vertically to the working table, with quick tool change, able to carry out routing in any direction.

FB1438 Power supply with voltage other than 380/400 Volt - 50/60 Hz

The machine is equipped with autotransformer that converts the value of the mains voltage into the value of the electrical voltage that is necessary for machine function. The instructions for a correct

electrical connection of the machine to the customer network are supplied with the machines documents.

The supply of a transformer/auto transformer is ALWAYS to be understood as:

  • Component not included in the standard supply and part of the distribution system at the installation site.
  • Component outside the machine and not part of the same
  • Component to be connected and protected by the customer

Note: The auto transformer includes the connection of the neutral

for the generation of 220V inside the electric panel

Distribution systems admitted: type TN-S / TN-C

FB0994 Remote push button panel

Remote push button panel for machine control during execution of the programs. Very useful for checking the milling programs.  It allows control of axis speed and machine status. Complete with emergency button.

Technical features:

  • power 4,5kW  / 6Hp – 24.000rpm max
  • attachment ISO30
  • n°2 cones ISO30 collet attachment ER32, complete of nut
  • n°2 elastic collets D15-16mm ER32
  • tool diameter 20 mm
  • diameter suction hood outlet D60 mm
  • consumption exhaust air 300 m3/hr
  • exhaust air speed 30 m/sec
  • cooling of electrospindel by means of coaxial airflow

Note: It is not possible to process the external panel side where it has

the movable clamp.
Min. distance between tool and external panel side (clamp side): 35 mm
Tools rotation speed limited to  18.000 rpm.

Max. panel length  3.050 mm
Min. panel length  200 mm
Max. panel width  * 900 mm
Min. panel width  70 mm
Max. panel thickness  60 mm
Min. panel thickness  10 mm
Max. speed X axis 40 mm
Max. speed Y axis 40 mm
Boring head 
Vertical spindles 12 (7X - 5Y)
Horizontal spindles  6 (2+2X – 2Y) 
Spindles rotation speed  4.200 rpm
Integrated saw in X  125 mm
Blade rotation speed  5.400 rpm
Motor power  2,2 kW
Cylindrical tool attachment  Ø 10 mm
Standard power (S6) 4.5kW / 7Hp
Max. Speed  24,000 rpm
Tool change  Manually
Max. tool diameter  20 mm
Installation (approximate values)
Installed power  17 kVA
Compressed air consumption (1 plug) 450 NL/cycle
Dust Extraction 1900+550
Dust Extraction air speed  30 m/sec
Extraction hood diameter Ø 150 + 80
Total machine weight  1,350 kg



Numeric control

The “Wave” Numerical Control has been specially studied for managing boring and routing machine functions for the woodworking sector, installed on a PC :

  • Operating system Windows
  • 17” LCD color screen
  • Keyboard type Qwerty
  • Software for machine interface “Wave”

Main Software features:

  • Operator interface in various languages (I - GB – D - E – F)
  • “Multitasking” operating system for using the control even when the machine is working- graphical visualisation of head configuration
  • tools management with graphical visualisation for a simple and quick parameter set up
  • possible adjustment working speed and position by double override


  • parametric and graphic programming
  • import of DXF and ASCII (2D) files (it is not possible to import the geometries “POLYLINE 3D”)
  • guided editor with graphic and syntactic aid
  • optimisation of drillings
  • management of clamp positioning for piece movement
  • possibility to create macro and sub-programs independently

FB0706  Additional Hardware key for “Wave”

Included accessories

  • simulation of execution
  • use of bar codes with integrated software
  • self-diagnostic and report of errors and failures with messages in various languages
  • TELESERVICE system via internet
  • Allows connection between the machine’s PC and the authorised Service Center via Internet connection.
  • Software: connecting program which allows:
  • operator's interface visualisation
  •  signals diagnosis
  •  data back-up and files transfer operations
  •  upgrade operations for machine logics and operator's interface

Note: if the Internet connection is not allowed by the customer during
the warranty period , even though specific intervention is requested at
the customer's premises, and should it be found that the problem could
have been resolved by tele-service via internet, then the service
intervention will have to be paid for.

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