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Flexa 27 RMA8 Edgebander

The Flexa 27 Series is an affordable and flexible solution for the medium size shop with the ability of banding tape, 1-3mm pvc, laminate and wood strips. With features typically found on solutions much more expensive, the Flexa 27 Series offers a heavy duty Edgebanding solution at an entry level price.


Unit 1:        Pre-milling unit

Unit 2:        Glue applicator and pressure rollers

Unit 3:        Edgebanding trimming guillotine

Unit 4:        End Trim With 2 Tiltable motors  0-15 deg.

Unit 5:        Top and Bottom Trimming via 2 motors

Unit 6:        Corner rounding 

Unit 7:        Profile/ Radius Scrape

Unit 8:        Glue Scraping

Unit 9:        Brushing



Flexa 27 RMA8

-       Panel height

8-60 mm

0.3 -  2.36”

-       Coil edge thickness



-       Strip edge thickness

.3 - 6mm

.015 - .24”

-       Max overhang top and bottom (total top and bottom)

4 (2+2) mm


-        Min panel width (with min length of                   210mm or 8 ¼ “)



-       Min panel length (with min width of                   100mm or 3 15/16 “)



-       Feed speed

10 m/ min

33 f/min

      Glue Tank GP-200



          o   Power


2.4 kW

          o   Glue capacity

1.5 kg

3.3 lbs

      End Trimming Unit IK/200 (each)



          o   Motor size


.3 HP

          o   Cutting speed


12,000 RPM

          o   Blade tilt


0-15 deg.

-       Top and Bottom Trimming TT/K



          o   Motor size (each)


.4 HP

          o   Cutting speed


12,000 RPM

      Edgescraping SCR/K



-       Glue scraping unit GS/K1


0.1 – 1mm

-        Brushing



         o   Motor size (each)


.2 HP

         o   Speed


1,400 RPM



  • Thick, welded Steel Frame
  • Steel pressure beam with 2 rows rubber rollers
  • Feed chain with industrial high grip rubber
    • Chain on hardened steel guides
    • Guides consist of one circular and one flat
  • Manual adjustment of the pressure beam w/ readout
    • Automatic pos. of the working units w/ reference to panel
  • Mechanical digital indicators for panel thickness
  • High Frequency Motors w/ Inverter
  • Centralized dust extraction
  • Adjustable panel support rollers
  • Sound enclosure
  • Lockable switch cabinet
  • Equipped with
    • Glue pot and edge processing magazine
    • 2-Motor end trimming Unit. 0-15 deg
    • 2- Motor Top and bottom trimming unit
    • Edge scraping unit for 3mm
    • Brushing unit


CA4785    Execution complying to US regulations (UL/CSA) Safety Standards

CA2074    Anti-adhesive Unit “RA” to avoid glue deposits on top and bottom surfaces

CA4020     Electronics 220/230v 50/60hz

CA2074     Anti- Adhesive unit “RA”

CA4545    Kit for "NESTING" process

CA5555    Glue Scraping Unit “GS/K1”

CA4088     Brushing/ Buffing Unit “BFK”

CA9360     Pallet FLEXA 27A – RMA8 L=3400


E-Stop on main control panel
230 V – 3 Ph – 60 Hz. 37 Amps 


In feed and construction

  • Industrial grade in feed system with high grip, interchangeable rubber pads.
  • Guided by a chain for accurate feeding and long lasting perfection
  • Thick, Steel top pressure beam complete with two rows of rubber coated wheels.
  • Robust panel support which can be extended according to the size of the parts

MEGA 120 Controller

  • Ergonomic positioning
  • 4”Graphic Display w/ multi language selection
  • Glue temp. control w/ temp
  • Unit operation and feed track start/ stop
  • Digital readouts
  • Parameter/ setting control
  • On board diagnostics
  • Partial and absolute statistical info: # of pieces worked, edge used and feeding information

 Pre-milling unit

  • Two cutter heads with automatic timing
  • Independent high frequency motors with
  • Stock removal determined by infeed fence with digital display
  • Timed blower to clean the machined surface
  • Diamond tools

                 2.4 hp each. Tools D=100mm H=49mm

                Max stock removal is H=45mm / 55mm ²

Anti- Adhesive Unit RA

  • Perfect cleaning of the panel
  • Prevents glue from sticking to the top and bottom surfaces


  • Two Pressure rollers (1 large, 1 flat)
  • Teflon coated glue pot
  • Automatic glue temperature regulator to reduce glue temperature if machine is not in use to reduce glue heat time
  • Automatic recovery of glue
  • Automatic loader for strips

              2.4 kW. 3.3 HP Power. 1.5 Kg Capacity

End Trimming Unit IK/200

  • 2 Independent high frequency motors w/ blades
  • Pneumatic tilting of the saw blade 0 – 15 deg. from control panel
  • Units slide on THK guideways
  • Mounted to the base for vibration free machining

             12,000 RPM and .3 hp each

Trimming Unit “TT/K”

  • 2 Independent high frequency motors
  • Vertical revolving copy devices and front copy pads for accurate positioning
  • Dust extraction hood
  • 3mm tooling standard

             12,000 RPM and .4 hp each

Corner Rounding Unit “A/1”

  • For automatic rounding of PVC/ ABS edging with radius of 1 – 3mm
  • High frequency motors
  • Two manual working positions
  • Vertical and frontal copying device for adjustment of cutting point on the panel
  • Supplied with 3mm diamond tooling
  • Manual exclusion

Edge Scraping Unit “SCR/K”

  • For finishing 1mm – 3mm PVC/ ABS edging
  • Front and vertical copy devices for accurate positioning of the knives
  • Complete with digital mechanical readouts for accurate positioning and adjustment
  • Dust extraction
  • Supplied with 3mm tooling

Glue Scraping Unit GS/K1

  • Eliminates excess glue between panel and edge
  • Eliminates small edging overhang (0.1 – 1mm)
  • 2 Pairs of vertical rotating copiers
  • Air blowers on both cleaning knives
  • Self-adjusting throwaway knives

Buffing Unit “BFK”

  • For cleaning panel to reduce manual labor of finished parts
  • 1,400 RPM each
  • .20 hp motor each

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